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Łukasz Cioch
Łukasz Cioch Creative Director & Conference Host
Monika Bentkowska
Monika Bentkowska Country President & Human Resources Director, Regional Diversity & Inclusion Director Continental Europe, Sodexo
Bruno Bouquet
Bruno Bouquet VP Global Delivery Center Head Eastern Europe, Capgemini Poland
Wolfgang Brickwedde
Wolfgang Brickwedde Director, ICR Institute for Competitive Recruiting
Daniel Brooke
Daniel Brooke CEO & Director of Neurodiversity Specialists, Neurodiversity Specialists
Radoslaw Chłodowicz
Radoslaw Chłodowicz Talent Brand Lead, Accenture
Wojciech Cichoń
Wojciech Cichoń VP, Capgemini Poland CSR Executive Sponsor, Capgemini Poland
Bartosz Ciepluch
Bartosz Ciepluch DCAI & NEX Poland Vice President, Intel Technology Poland
Luca Condosta
Luca Condosta Global Leadership Learning Ecosystem Community Lead; LGBTQ+ Global Project Lead, ABB
Katherine Conway
Katherine Conway Head of Diversity & Inclusion and Community Affairs, AON
Crystal Cooke
Crystal Cooke Director of Diversity & Inclusion, Association of International Certified Professional Accountants
Denis Dollaku
Denis Dollaku Senior Vice President – Investor Services, Country Head of State Street Italy, State Street
Radosław Duszyński
Radosław Duszyński Manager, Transfer Agent, Franklin Templeton
Ina Ferber
Ina Ferber Diversity Recruiter & Speaker, Ina Ferber. Diversity-Recruiting
Nina Gabryś
Nina Gabryś Plenipotentiary to the Mayor of Kraków for Equality Policy, Municipality of Krakow
Jolanta Gantkowska
Jolanta Gantkowska Director of People Operations, AMS
Miren Garay
Miren Garay Global Projects Director, Sodexo
Joanna Gembal
Joanna Gembal Inclusion and Diversity Lead, Accenture
Joanna Gotfryd
Joanna Gotfryd Co-founder of the Mamo Pracuj Foundation, President of the Foundation Board, Mamo Pracuj Foundation
Nora Heger
Nora Heger Principal Director, Accenture